Independent Learning

Our spiral curriculum  is a step by step approach in development of concepts and skills, the learning of mathematics is fun and meaningful. Students build confidence and develop a positive attitudes towards Mathematics leading them to think and solve problems independently.

Problem Solving

Acquisition and application of mathematics concepts, thinking and heuristics skills in solving  Mathematical problems. The 4 key aspects of problem solving are: Processing, Modelling, Connecting and Applying.

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking plays a vital role in the development of mathematical understanding and competencies. Thinking out of the box, self regulating and monitoring of one’s own thinking are some thinking skills to help students solve mathematical problems.

Activity Based Learning

Through self- discovery,  fun filled activities the following skills can be achieved.

  • Numerical calculation
  • Logic reasoning
  • Life application
  • Visualisation
  • Combination thinking

Our Students In Class

Why is Unique

Our goal is to provide the best teaching, materials and environment to learn.

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